Anomaly Detection

Being able to identify anomalies helps optimize the growth of your business. In order to identify true anomalies, it is essential to determine the situation in which they occur. 

Abnormalities in environments

In factories, greenhouses, power plants, and hospitals it is important for the environment to be consistent. When there are unplanned factors that affect the environment those factors are of interest for anomaly detection. Predictable changes that arise from daily operations are not a big concern but when an abnormal event occurs it can affect everything. Especially in hospitals or greenhouses, the environment can affect if a patient gets sicker or a crop is not growing as expected. 

Detecting false data

Edyza's Anomaly Detection system prevents false negatives and learns from each situation presented. Other anomaly detection systems focus on operating ranges and basic outliers that lead to false negatives and failure to account for daily activities such as turning on the lights and using HVAC. Without understanding the environment, you risk missing anomalies or detecting false anomalies.



Prevent airborne illnesses from spreading throughout your hosipital by targeting irregularities.

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Optimize the growth of your crops and target abnormalities when it happens.

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Power Plant

Increase efficiency in your facility by collecting real-time data.

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