Environmental Monitoring

Improve visibility and optimize everyday tasks by analyzing geo-spatially correlated data such as temperature, humidity, and air pressure on a granular level.

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Many office buildings, factories, greenhouses, and hospitals have issues properly maintaining the climate within the building to maximize comfort or crop production. Furthermore, many building owners are looking to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings. Datacenter owners are also in need of a way to sense temperature, humidity, and air pressure on a per cabinet level to reduce downtime on their equipment.

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Edyza sensors have been optimized to give you the necessary temperature, humidity, and air pressure data about your facility on a granular level. Every room in a building, every plant in a greenhouse, and every cabinet in a data center can have one of Edyza's sensors to show exact temperature, humidity, and air pressure surrounding it.



Understand the micro-climate around each plant.

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Real-time monitoring inside each cabinet.               

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Ensure every room is safe and comfortable for each patient.

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