IoT-HD Industries


Each plant in your grow deserves to be treated with care in the most efficient way possible. With Edyza's IoT-HD technology a new level of granular data enables you to visualize the micro-climate around each plant to optimize the production of your crops.

Smart Building

Imagine if a corporate building or shopping mall learned and adjusted to accommodate the people within it. By integrating Edyza's IoT-HD technology into your building, monitoring and controlling your environment through a wireless network is all possible.


With more data being produced and saved than ever before, the facilities that store them need to be sure their equipment stays operational. Edyza's IoT-HD technology has the ability to monitor the environment around your data center all the way down to the cabinet-level.


Manufacturing facilities are always striving to increase production while staying efficient. Predictive maintenance and optimizing the workspace is possible by integrating Edyza's IoT-HD technology.

Power Plant

Safety and optimizing the production of energy within every power plant is critical to running an efficient power plant. By connecting your entire facility with Edyza's IoT-HD sensors, you'll be able to receive valuable real-time data that can enable plant managers to efficiently run their plant with less downtime.


Hospitals are working to find efficient ways to optimize the flow of patients and make their environment safe. Edyza's IoT-HD can enable you to track your medical devices and beds in real-time to increase the rate at which patients can be treated by doctors.

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