Monitor each plant in your grow

Within your commercial greenhouse, keeping a consistent climate is important for maintaining optimal growth for each plant. Furthermore, greenhouses with warm temperatures and high humidity are at major risk of pest infestation. However, by monitoring the moisture in the soil and the micro-climate around each individual plant, you will gain new insight that will help you maintain the health of each plant.

With an Edyza high-density sensor on each of your plants, a new level of granularity is achievable. Collecting temperature, humidity, and air pressure from each plant enable you to monitor the micro-climate around each of your plants in real-time. Ensure you get the best results from your grow with our sensors.

Control over your lights

With the world's growing demand for food, increasing the greenhouse production of crops has become ever more important. To ensure this, there have been many advancements in agriculture technology, including using artificial light to supplement natural light in greenhouse grows. More importantly, the ability to control your lights on a granular level, as well as make schedules for them will increase the production of crops while decreasing energy costs.

By installing the Edyza wireless light controller in your light fixtures, you will create a wireless network that will enable powerful controls over all of your lights. Installation costs will be reduced by using wireless controllers and by creating light schedules for specific lights, your energy cost will be reduced as well. Additionally, our controllers have sensing capabilities as well to really bring your greenhouse to life. You'll have full control over your lights as well as an unprecedented amount of climate data to increase the production of your crops.

IoT-HD applications for Agriculture

Air Flow Analysis

Accurately calculate the movement of air in your greenhouse.

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Anomaly Detection

Pinpoint what area is affecting your plants growth.

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Environmental Monitoring

Analyze geo-spatially correlated data on a granular level.

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