A perfect environment for your data

With data becoming ever more important, maintaining a controlled environment inside your data center is critical. Monitoring the temperature and relative humidity levels can ensure moisture won't collect on any computing equipment, as well as prevent any hot spots from building up in any specific rack. Additionally, temperature and relative humidity levels need to be compliant with ASHRAE standards.

Implementing our high-density sensor technology will enable you to not only learn the temperature and humidity throughout your facility, but on the cabinet level as well. Placing our sensors inside each cabinet will provide real-time temperature and humidity data for each cabinet. This enables a new level granular monitoring that can ensure your equipment is safe.

Maintain a healthy airflow

Controlling airflow is critical to maintaining consistent temperature for each hot and cold aisle within your facility. If set up properly, the temperature and humidity levels of each computing device will be maintained at a safe level, while saving money on energy cost.

Our high-density sensors can monitor the airflow and air pressure over each aisle to ensure the cooling system is working properly. Due to the granular data that our sensors can collect you'll be able to know the exact area where the cooling system isn't functioning properly.

IoT-HD applications for Data Centers

Anomaly detection

Discover what areas of your data center is causing differences outside of everyday occurrences.  

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Air flow analysis

Ensure air flow is maintained at a safe level for equipment. 

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Environmental monitoring

Analyze real-time data to ensure equipment is running smoothly. 

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