Save time and lives

Manually tracking every major medical device and bed in the hospital wastes critical time that can be spent on treating patients. With millions of patients admitted to hospitals each year the need for an IoT solution to effectively locate available beds and medical equipment is imperative. 

By integrating our IoT high-density sensors into your medical devices and beds, you'll be able to keep track of their availability and location in real-time. Due to the sheer number of devices and beds in each hospital, sensors that can reliably communicate with each other is needed to accurately deliver data to you. This will allow medical staff to significantly optimize patient flow, and reduce the time it takes to treat a patient.

Ensure a safe environment

Knowing the details of your hospital environment can be critical to the care of your patients. ensuring the hospital has the right temperature and humidity not only allows your patients to feel comfortable, but reduces the airborne survival and transmission of the influenza virus. If the temperature and relative humidity is too high, airborne viruses have a much higher survival rate, putting your patients and staff at a major health risk. 

Creating a connected hospital with IoT sensors can vastly improve the knowledge of your hospital's environment. With Edyza's high-density wireless sensors, you can have thousands of sensors placed throughout your hospital communicating with each other to deliver granular and accurate temperature, relative humidity, and air pressure to you real-time. Each sensor can be integrated into existing fixtures such as lights, to bring your hospital to life and help staff know exactly what areas are at risk of airborne viruses.

IoT-HD applications for Hospitals

Environmental monitoring

Monitor geo-spatially data that may affect the health of a patient. 

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Anomaly detection

Find areas of the hospital where the data transmitted falls outside of normal data. 

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Air flow analysis

Ensure that the air flowing through hospitals are safe for patients. 

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