Powerful predictive maintenance

In today's fast-paced and innovative factories, efficiency and risk avoidance, drive manufacturing facilities to achieve optimal results. Typically, your machinery goes through scheduled maintenance to prevent failure, however, predictive maintenance allows facilities to know which machines need maintenance before they break down. This helps reduce downtime and maintenance costs. 

By utilizing our IoT high-density sensors you can embed a wireless network within the machine to collect vast amounts of granular data letting you know exactly where an issue lies. Whether it's locating exactly where an abnormal temperature spike occurred or detecting any unusual vibrations, our sensors will deliver it all in real-time, keeping your operation running smoothly while reducing maintenance cost.

The right amount of light

Having wireless control over the lighting in your facility can improve productivity and incredible energy savings, as well as improve the safety of your facility. Each light will be able to dim and toggle on and off based on the needs of the workspace.

Combined with our high-density sensors, your facility will be taken to new levels of efficiency. Our sensors will not only know where spaces are being occupied but by utilizing all of our sensors from the machinery to the lights, you'll be able to know exactly where any safety hazards exist in your facility in real-time.

IoT-HD applications for Manufacturing

Environmental monitoring

Disocver data that improves the environment within your facility. 

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Anomaly detection

Detect when any unusual activity occurs within your equipment. 

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Air flow analysis

Calculate how the air flows around your facility. 

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