Power plant

Granular active monitoring for better efficiency

Many power plant managers strive to make their plant run as clean and efficient as possible. However, most power plants are forced to balance their operation with scheduled maintenance, resulting in downtime that costs billions in unseen value every year. If issues could be predicted, and maintenance was based on need and not on a schedule, the efficiency produced from that alone would be tremendous.

With Edyza's high-density sensors, your power plant will become be able to respond to any anomalies directly to you, all in real-time. By using our wireless network Edyza's sensors can scale to new levels, offering you new insight to enable plant managers to make better decisions to run a far more efficient power plant. By offering more connectivity and granular data, the more efficient your power plant will become.

Ensure the safety of your workers

Working in a power plant of any kind has always been dangerous, and plant managers are always striving to find better solutions to minimize casualties. While there are measures to help prevent past incidents from repeating, this does not guarantee any incidents from ever happening again. IoT technology can offer an additional level of safety to provide for you and your workers.

To ensure safety within a power plant Edyza's high-density sensors can detect a specific area with a sudden increase in temperature or humidity all in real-time. This allows plant managers to stop work or inform their workers of the unsafe areas. 

IoT-HD applications for Power Plants

Air flow analysis

Accurately calculate the air flow in your environment. 

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Anomaly detection

Find out exactly where abnormalities are occurring in your power plant. 

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Environmental monitoring

Analyze geo-spatially correlated data on a granular level.

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