Smart Building

A building for the people

Whether you're at your work building or inside a mall, an efficient and comfortable environment provides the people in it with the best experience. The right temperature in an office can boost an employee's mood resulting in increased productivity. Similarly, the right amount of light in a store can also improve the customer's experience driving product sales. Our nodes can deliver the data and controls needed to provide the best environment inside your building.

With our sensor nodes collecting temperature, humidity, and air pressure data throughout your building, coupled with our light controllers, it's possible to know exactly where lighting and temperature can be improved all in real-time.

The most energy-efficient building

Commercial buildings in the U.S. waste about 30% of the energy they consume. This is largely due to ineffective heating and cooling throughout the building. This is especially seen when certain areas are being heated and cooled while there are no people occupied in that space. This mismatch between energy consumption and occupancy can be solved through Edyza's sense and control. 

A high-density wireless network is needed to solve the issue of energy consumption and occupancy due to the granular data that can be collected from our nodes in real-time. Using machine learning we can enable the lights, fans, and HVAC systems to adjust based on the occupancy of the space, resulting in significant energy efficiency and advancing sustainability.

IoT-HD applications for Smart Building

Anomaly detection

Identify what region of your building is creating abnormalities. 

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Air flow analysis

Learn how the quality of air flows throughout your building. 

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Enviornmental monitoring

Analyze real-time data to maximize comfort in your office space. 

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