Edyza Platform

Collect and analyze environmental data from thousands of Edyza nodes.


Monitor your environment

As a part of our end-to-end solution, we provide a system to monitor the health of your environment.  With thousands of nodes sending data to our cloud platform in real-time, our system will show you any internal or external factors that are affecting your environment.

We'll work with you to provide data that is meaningful to your environment or operation. Our team will research scenarios and analyze your data to teach our platform to recognize potential faults. This will enable you to take the appropriate action without unexpected downtime.


Sensing & Actuating

Gather rich data

By deploying our sensor nodes in a high-density environment, you'll be provided with thousands of data points that can only be possible through the Edyza wireless network. Each node can be inconspicuously placed to truly provide a nervous system to your environment.

Respond to your environment

Utilize the data from Edyza's sensors to respond to any change in your environment. Through the Edyza wireless network our nodes can be set to take control of different parts of your operation such as lights, HVAC systems, and more.



Combine data collection, computation, and analysis, from all of our Edyza actuators. By utilizing our wireless network you'll be able to seamlessly integrate our actuators into your enviornment. 



The Edyza Gateway securely receives and transmits data from Edyza Sensors to the Edyza cloud platform. All data is handled and sent to the database with a stable network connection.

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