IoT-HD Hardware


IoT-HD Actuators

Edyza can offer a scalable solution to enable granular control over your environment. By utilizing our wireless network you'll be able to seamlessly integrate our nodes into your environment to leverage both rich data collection and controls to drive new enhancements to your operation.

Combined with our Edyza sensors, you'll be gaining a multitude of data points each day to analyze your environment. These data points include temperature, air pressure, humidity, etc. that will enable spatial analysis. Additionally, by utilizing the sensor data in our fog computing architecture, your lights can be controlled through machine learning.


  • Step-dimming
  • Toggle
  • HVAC controls
  • Sensing
  • Fan control

Seamless integration

Simply utilize our wireless network to enable the same granular control with your existing fixtures throughout your environment with the benefit of being optimized for high-density deployment.


Smart controls have the ability to reduce energy costs, increase productivity, and increase safety. However, with wireless controls there's no need to create a new construction project and thus drastically reducing installation costs.

Increase productivity

Utilize rich data that can be repurposed for enhancing productivity in your operation. Find what makes people more comfortable in your environment by automatically adjusting lights and HVAC systems to provide the best workplace environment.

High density wireless light control

Edyza offers a reliable and energy-saving lighting solution with our wireless light controls network. Wireless protocols such as Zigbee, a high density of wireless controllers in a network of lights becomes saturated with network management issues, becoming less reliable and further increasing power consumption issues. Edyza's wireless protocol is tuned for high density and energy efficiency so you can achieve your energy savings goals and improve the overall customer and client experience.

Edyza's wireless light controllers are more reliable and energy-efficient than other wireless light controllers. Using the Edyza wireless network, the controllers are specifically tuned to live in high density, which means the amount of lights used with the controllers can easily scale while still be energy efficient.

Edyza tests functionality to ensure safe deployment

To ensure our light controllers are ready for deployment we've created a process that ensures each light controller is rigorously tested and provisioned before being shipped out for installation.

Before we provision our controllers, Edyza provides a rigorous testing process. We check how much current we're drawing, whether the light dimming output matches the expected pattern and the current supply from the dimming. We also make sure NFC is functional in every controller. When all that is ready, we program the final production firmware.

Testing coverage

All Edyza sensors are protected in an IP 68 rated case to ensure that they are dust-resistant and water-resistant in 4 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

Edyza wireless

To ensure the light controllers work in the Edyza wireless network, we connect to the Edyza wireless network and wait for the self-tests to pass.

Light controls

The light controllers need to be tested if the dimming output matches the expected pattern. Matching the output ensures all the controllers dim and brighten the lights in the same way.


After making sure the dimming output is correct, we check if the current supply from dimming is sufficient enough for the light.

Technical Specifications

Light Controller



Min:  10V

Max:  17V 

Type: 12V


Steady State:  10mA

Transient:  100mA


Min:  0V

Max:  10V

VCTRL Resolution: 0.128V


Sink/Source:  100mA

Short Protection: Indefinite

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