IoT-HD Software


The Edyza Dashboard and mobile app combined with our sensors and actuators gives you meaningful data and analytics for your environment.



  • Facility snapshot
  • Environmental mapping
  • 3D heatmaps
  • Sensor tracking
  • Trend data graphs 
  • Anomaly detection
  • Live notifications

3D Heatmaps 

The 3D heatmap visuzlizes real-time environmental data within a virtual room copying the same layout as your grow. Our sensors and actuators are installed in multiple layers and the data displays the difference between the condition of the canopy and the environment. Easily visualize geo-spatially correlated data such as temperature, airflow, and humidity.

Real-time alerts

Receive real-time notifications regarding any parameters that are going out of your set bounds. Users are able to set their own "warning" and "critical" thresholds based on what data is important to their environment.

Track abnormal data

Ensure that your crops are growing at their best potential with Edyza’s anomaly detection. Easily see where there are any unplanned internal or external factors that are affecting your environment.

Mobile Application


  • Node status
  • Test and provision sensors
  • Gateway information
  • Live data feed 

Installing done easy

Installing sensors is an easy and simple process with Edyza’s mobile application. The app is where you can test, provision, and check the status of your nodes and gateway. You’ll be able to see the status of your nodes all within the hands of your phone and from wherever you’re located.

Learn how to incorporate analytics into your facility