IoT-HD Hardware

Edge Server

Edge computing has become the next major step towards advancing IoT to seamlessly integrate the physical world and the cloud. By combining our high-density sensors with our edge server, you'll truly bring your environment to life.

Enable full control

Using the cloud to process and control parts of your IoT environment can be inefficient due to network latency. By bringing controls to the edge, our sensors and actuators are provided with a powerful central control system to help power your facility without ever going to the cloud. By also staying at the edge and not the cloud, our edge servers can provide control over the Edyza wireless network, even when the internet has a temporary outage.

Powerful computations

With IoT with high-density connectivity, the amount of computations that may be made on the edge will be significantly higher. Our edge servers are each equipped with an Intel i3 processor to have enough CPU power to compute the stream of data from our sensors and actuators and run complex analytics. This enables you to run better machine-learning algorithms all at the edge of the network.

X modular redundancy (XMR)

Temporary network outages can cause unplanned downtime if you rely on the wireless sensors and actuators to help run and monitor your environment. With multiple Edyza edge servers a remarkable level of redundancy is enabled for the wireless network. Having a modular redundant process allows the network to stay functional even when one of the edge servers goes down or if there is a temporary internet outage. With more edge servers, your operation can stay up and running, even when it's mission-critical.

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