IoT-HD Hardware


IoT-HD Gateway

Edyza's Gateway simultaneously threads microprocesses to handle node data processing from sensors to database. Within the gateway, the data is processed, analyzed, and formatted on the Edyza network using its workflow engine. All data is handled and sent to the database with a stable network connection. The gateway handles secure account provisioning and management via its wireless hotspot and application page.


  • Wireless configuration
  • Account handling
  • No data loss

24/7 reports

Connecting Edyza’s line of nodes and actuators to the gateway is a simple and easy process. The Edyza Gateway will continue to collect and calculate data even if there is a network failure. The data is uploaded to our network once the connection is reestablished. Data is always being collected and transmitted wirelessly to your dashboard. 

Secure data

Node data analytics, such as air-flow, psychrometric data, heat map generation are all performed on the gateway. The data gets reported from our nodes and actuators to speak to the gateway which displays on our network. We've configured the gateway to operate on Wi-Fi and Ethernet for wireless and easy configuration. 

Technical Specifications



Processor: Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900


Wireless Technology:  2.4GHz ultra low-power, multi-hop

Data Output: MQTT data streams in 32-bit key value formats

Reporting Frequency: 30s


Operating Temperature: -20°C to 50°C

Storage Temperature: -30°C to 70°C


Dimension: 142 (W) x 101 (D) x 41.5 (H) mm

Weight: 0.19kg

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