All-in-One Wireless Environmental Sensor with Airflow Monitoring

The best wireless sensor for monitoring climate conditions in an agricultural facility. This all-in-one sensor measures temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity in a single weatherproof ultracompact package.  Combines the latest in MEMS sensors, wireless, and water-resistant design to provide unprecedented precision, reliability, and ruggedness needed for controlled environment agriculture facilities. EZ-SEV101 is optimal for tracking microclimates, alerting when the environment is outside preset limits, to warn you when HVAC is being pushed beyond it's normal operation cycle using advanced machine prognostics, and so on. Be fully aware of your grow climate at all times with this wireless sensor. You'll be grinning in delight when you see just how easy it is to deploy our sensors.


Size 80mm x 55.82mm x 36.61mm
Color Snow White
Weight 130grams (4.6oz)
Waterproof IP68

Primary Sensors

Computed Values


Preservation Metrics


Alarms & Alerts

Global Alerts

Global Alarm Thresholds

Preset thresholds allow EZ-SEV101 to notify you when indoor environment steps outside the growing conditions set for your plants

Contextual Alerts

Contextual Alerts

EZ-SEV101 alerts you when sensor values are within your global bounds but unusual for the time and day. E.g., temperature dipping below 60F during day time may indicate LED light failure, while during night time, 60F is a valid temperature value

Spatial Alerts

Spatial Alerts

EZ-SEV101 is always self-calibrating and cross checking every sensor value with its neighbors alerting us whenever it needs re-calibration giving you the peace of mind and trust needed to make your critical operational decisions

EZ-SEV101 in Action