Wireless VWC Sensor with EC and Temperature

The best wireless moisture sensor for monitoring soil, Rockwool, or coco substrate in an indoor agricultural facility. This all-in-one sensor measures volumetric water content (VWC), electrical conductivity (EC), and substrate temperature in addition to the workhorse parameters such as air temperature, pressure, and humidity in a single weatherproof ultracompact package.  Combines our patented sensor technology, high-density wireless, and water-resistant design to provide unprecedented precision, reliability, and ruggedness needed for smart irrigation systems. Ideal for tracking bench level irrigation, notifying you of water leaks, and ensuring that your plants are irrigated the right amount every time. Be fully aware of your irrigation schedule at all times with EZ-SSP101. See for yourself how easy it is to calibrate this sensor to suit your substrate.

Primary Sensors

Computed Values


Preservation Metrics


Measurement Volume

EZ-SSP101 has a total measuring volume of 2200mL. This large measuring volume was achieved using a unique patent-pending three-prong delta design. The electric polarity rotates between the prongs at a high enough rate to give a uniform measurement region around the sensor. At an instance of time, any two prongs are oppositely charged while the third prong acts as the neutral reference. 

The test to evaluate the measurement volume was done by finding the maximum radial distance of a container with water from the center of EZ-SSP101, which registered a one-unit change in the Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) used for measuring moisture content. 

Alarms & Alerts

Global Alerts

Global Alarm Thresholds

Preset thresholds allow EZ-SSP101 to notify you when plants are over or under irrigated. Edyza can automatically set these values by pulling them from third party control system solutions, such as Argus Systems, and validating their operation over time. EZ-SSP101 will be the third eye that will give you the peace of mind by ensuring that your irrigation system is working as planned

Contextual Alerts

Contextual Alerts

EZ-SSP101 alerts you when it detects an unusual spike in moisture, which might be an indicator of a leaking valve, pipes, or other critical systems that may affect your crop. E.g., if you regularly irrigate at 4 pm on Tuesdays for 15 minutes and if by accident the irrigation event lasted longer than 15 minutes or it happened on another day, EZ-SSP101 will alert you to these unusual patterns

Spatial Alerts

Spatial Alerts

EZ-SSP101 is always self-calibrating and cross-checking its data with neighboring sensors giving you the peace of mind regarding the integrity and accuracy of every single data point on which you make critical operational decisions

EZ-SSP101 in Action